On the road

This is a project of a journey trough the USA. I will show you in this blog, Travel World, the most beautiful nature,  famous cities, secret places and more. So join me on my trips an see an unknown world.


Travel Word should enrich your horizon for new things, other cultures, new traditions and bring you the world to your home. 


Inspired by the book "On the road" written by Jack Kerouac, which I´m reading in the Englisch Book Club, a subject in the School of Further Education (Fos) Regen.  

   One the road

Sal Paradise, young and innocent, joins the slightly crazed Dean Moriarty on a breathless, exuberant ride back and forth across the United States. Their hedonistic search for release or fulfillment through drink, sex, drugs and jazz becomes an exploration of personal freedom, a test of the limits of the American Dream.


A brilliant blend of fiction and autobiography, Jack Kerouac´s exhilaration novel defined the new "Beat" generation and became the bible of the counterculture.